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Embrace Your Sexuality is currently offered as a remote clearing session.

In this session, the recipient will go through the following:


  • Clearing trauma energy from their energetic field

  • Clearing negative energies from affected chakras

  • Healing affected chakras

Each session is 45 minutes.

This session can be repeated bi-monthly or once a month or as often as you see fit.


For best results, commit to a minimum of bi-monthly sessions for a minimum of 6 months.


The Benefits of Embrace Your Sexuality are:

  • Increase your resilience

  • Build you inner strength

  • Able to trust in yourself

  • Able to reconnect with your body, or have a deeper connection

  • Able to enjoy your sexual energy, by yourself or with a partner

  • Be in control of fear – not letting fear stop yourself from moving forward

  • Feel empowered – instead of self-blame, self-guilt, self-conscious, self-punishing

  • And more!


Hayatti has been learning and practicing energy healing since 2011.


The healing work that she does has enhanced her intuitive ability and enables her to clear energetic blockages that are stuck in the chakras and the energy body.


She also specializes in accessing and releasing deep emotional pains that have been suppressed for many years.

Having passed the 4th initiation in her ascension journey, Hayatti has attained a state of unconditional love.


She also has passed the 5th initiation which means she has no karma left and she has left the cycle of rebirth. All of her chakras are perfected which enables her to facilitate her sessions at a higher vibration.

Hayatti is currently at the 6th initiation.



Embrace Your Sexuality is for:

  • Those who want to heal from rape, sexual abuse and/or assault

  • Those who want to heal trauma from giving birth

  • Those who want to have healthy sexual relationships

  • Those who want to have a wholesome attitude about sex

  • Those who want to enjoy self-pleasure without guilt and shame


Embrace Your Sexuality is not for:

  • Those who don't want to heal their trauma

  • Those who don’t want to prioritize healthy sexual relationships

  • Those who have negative attitudes toward sex

  • Those who are looking for a quick fix

  • Those who aren't willing to do the inner work

  • Those who don't practice personal responsibility

  • Those who don't want to invest in their transformation




Normal Rate: BND 200

1 Remote Clearing Session


BND 175



Normal Rate: BND 400

2 Remote Clearing Sessions

(Once in 2 weeks)


BND 325



Normal Rate: BND 800

4 Remote Clearing Sessions

(Once every week)


BND 635

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I schedule a session?

After you register, you will receive another email with a suggested healing schedule.

Kindly give us 24 hours to send the said email.

Will this work for me?

Yes. At the start of the session, set your intention to release anything that are not beneficial for you.

During the session, focus on receiving the healing energy.

Remain open for other possible outcomes.

How often is recommended?

Once in two weeks is a good start.

What is your refund policy?

There is no refund given.

All sales are final.

How does the distant clearing work?

During the session you can meditate or lay down.
Set your intention to receive the healing. Hayatti will perform the clearing and transmit the energy healing.

Is one session enough?


Clearing sexual trauma takes time.

For best results, commit to weekly sessions for a minimum of 6 months.

What time zone is Hayatti in?

Hayatti is in Brunei Darussalam. 

The time zone is BNT or GMT/UTC +8.

What is your cancellation policy?

No cancellation.

Your session proceeds as scheduled.

Hayatti Rahgeni's products and services and their transformational effects are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical disease or condition. Hayatti Rahgeni is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or any health care professional. Products and Services offered may serve as a complement and supportive approach to mental and emotional wellbeing and enhancement. Clients of Hayatti Rahgeni take full responsibility for their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual experiences. Those under medical supervision are encouraged to consult their physician before attending any sessions or events and to bring a medical release form with them in such instances. Persons under 18 years of age need full permission from their parents or guardians to participate in any healing offered in this website.

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