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How to get unstuck,


FULFILL Your Soul’s Purpose

all year round!

Receives ideas and inspiration

Get insights on your next step

Have courage to take actions

If you ever feel stuck, uninspired and unmotivated because you are not clear of your soul’s purpose, it’s time to clear your energetic field so you can receive ideas, inspirations and insights that can lead you to your soul's purpose.

Let's face it, having been unclear on your soul's purpose has left you drifting aimlessly for more than a couple of years now.

You most likely feel frustrated every single day because:-

  1. you feel you are meant to contribute to the world but you haven't done anything about it

  2. you desire to do more but are afraid to take leaps of faith and

  3. you experience no personal growth and nothing has changed for you for years.


I hear you.


No one wants to feel stuck. Being stuck or stagnant is not natural. Even the universe is constantly expanding. It is only natural for us to grow and transform along the way.


If you would like to get clarity on your soul's purpose and get closer to fulfilling your purpose, being in this program is the answer.


The Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose program will take you from being stuck mentally and emotionally to having clarity of where you are heading (purpose-wise), trusting yourself to take baby steps while improving your personal growth and simultaneously enhancing your quality of life.

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I'm able to make a new start for myself!

"I was feeling depleted, uninspired, stuck. While I knew my work was my Soul's calling, it was not being fruitful financially in recent weeks and I was not clear what to do to turn the tide. I felt myself at an energetic wall and was also very frustrated with the lack of male presence in my life.

As the clearings progressed, I had several profound new insights as to what was holding me back, and also the new awareness to see things VERY differently and take a bold new step in defining and presenting my healing work. I'm in the midst of this massive re-direct, and my enthusiasm is returning as I activate the principle that from now on, it's not just who NEEDS me, but who DELIGHTS me, that I share my deep healing work with! I'm also getting more responses from online dating sites after a long dry spell.

I have brand-new thoughts about how I WANT to contribute to the world with my spiritual gifts, ones that no longer reflect a sense of servitude but a sense of mutual contribution--so much more balanced and enjoyable! I'm reframing the entire structure of my healing practice to reflect self-care, ease, and what I most enjoy doing to heal others. And I'm clearing a lot of old baggage about how I relate to men, which means I'm not "losing myself" to please someone else, but honoring all of me (the lovely, the quirky, and the still-wounded) and really believing and trusting that the truly right partner is coming very close and we can connect in the near future!

Hayatti's work is definitely a game-changer! The steady infusions of healing energy were just right for my system, and allowed change to unfold easily and yet quite noticeably within the 30 days. I'm honored to have received Hayatti's rich healing streams, and I'm able to make a new start for myself because of this!"

~ Susan Sinclair Seattle, Washington, USA

With this program, you’ll have clarity and move closer and closer to fulfilling your soul’s purpose and never feel like you are stuck and remain stagnant ever again.

Say goodbye to...

Feeling unfulfilled because you are not doing what you are meant to do in this world

Being stuck mentally and emotionally that you are unable to propel yourself forward

Unwillingness to take action toward fulfilling your soul’s purpose

Waiting for opportunities to turn up for you to do something greater for yourself and the world but they never do

Feeling resentful because you are not going anywhere and worrying about not making an impact in the world

Instead, you will...

Wake up in the morning feeling purposeful and inspired to take aligned action because you are clear on your soul’s purpose

Feel energized every day because you are so pumped up with excitement and the clarity of your vision

Be willing to take baby steps to get you closer to fulfill your soul’s purpose

Dare to take action and create meaningful changes not only for yourself but also other people at your own pace

Never feel stuck or purposeless ever again

I have felt more motivation and inspiration to create offerings to clients again.

"I was unsure of what specifically was ailing me -- but knowing that I felt stuck in a series of bad behaviors. Unlike my life just a few years ago, I was suffering from low energy, unpredictably moody and critical, had no motivation, and just not living my best life.


My first week with Hayatti was truly an awakening. Unlike my experiences with talk-therapy, the results were almost instantaneous. Within a week of our first sessions, I was feeling more in control of my negative behaviors and had energy levels higher than I'd seen in years! I cannot say if all of this would have happened had I not been receiving the remote energy session; however, what I can tell you is that within those 30 days, I decided to go away and take my sister on a trip after being cooped up and not traveling for two years because my boyfriend was not feeling comfortable traveling yet; I called in a like minded new friend who collaborated and started doing Magickal Moon Circles with me and bringing back the motivation to use my gifts and call in my Tribe again!


In all sessions, Hayatti was able to sense areas where there were blocked/needed energy chakras and flow and worked with those through her practice. Hayatti has an innate ability to hold space in such a way that felt safe and sacred, which allowed me to fully surrender to her healing gifts. This is a subtlety that cannot be overstated.


I can't express enough how grateful I am to have experienced her healing. I am seeing and feeling the results in my daily life and it is such a joyous and liberating blessing. Hayatti's grounded and practical approach to wellness, rooted in a spiritual connectedness that's customized to energy patterns, is unparalleled"

~ Kimberley Roles, Harrisville, RI

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A comprehensive monthly membership consists of weekly energy clearings to clear mental, emotional and spiritual blockages to help you fulfill your soul’s purpose, improve personal development and enhance your quality of life. 

The only thing standing between you and fulfilling your soul’s purpose is not knowing, not having the faintest idea and second-guessing your soul’s purpose.

Here is the plan to ditch the lack of clarity, and second-guessing your purpose and get super clear on your soul’s calling, be inspired to take action and allow your soul to lead you to

a life of freedom, happiness and abundance.

What you’ll get when you enroll as a member:


1 ~ Weekly Group Transformation Sessions

Get weekly energy clearings to bust energetic blockages from your energetic system. The cleaner your energetic system is the easier for you to receive ideas, insights, and inspiration and take action to create what you want in your life.

VALUE $400

2 ~ Live Q&A Group Calls

This is a great way to connect with Hayatti, ask your questions and get deeper insights and awareness. Be there live on Zoom twice a month. Each call is an hour long. 

VALUE $400


3 ~ Email Support

Valuable support if you are in need of guidance and can't wait or are unable to attend the live Q&A calls.


4 ~ Weekly Feedback for Improvement

Get feedback on what comes up during the weekly Group Transformation. Receives suggestions on what you can work on to assist you moving forward.

VALUE $100


5 ~ Recordings Available 24/7

Access to recordings is available to you 24/7. All recordings are uploaded to PATREON.

VALUE $325

PLUS the following BONUSES


Weekly Energetic Pre-Clearing

This pre-clearing helps you MAXIMIZE the benefits you will receive from the Weekly Group Transformation Sessions.

VALUE $200



Love & Peace Transmission

We all could use more love and peace within ourselves. You will receive this transmission on the first of every month Brunei Time. Available as a recording.





Once you start receiving energy clearings

from the program,

These are the kinds of results you’re going to get...

Each week I felt progressively better.

"I was feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated and distracted. I was also feeling frustrated with the status of 'the world' which was causing much of the distraction etc.

Each week I felt progressively better. I was able to let go of things that were bogging me down and leading to the overwhelm. I was also able to put my eyes towards my own goals and let go of all of the other junk that was keeping me distracted.

I would absolutely recommend Hayatti and her remote healing!!"

~ G.P.

I felt myself getting calmer and more focused.

"During the month of the clearing I felt myself getting calmer and more focused and as time went on I was able to cope with being separated from my son.

I had more energy and generally felt I was being supported. My daughter also wanted to spend more time with me.

I would definitely recommend Hayatti and I loved the updates we got every week"

~ Valerie Sales, Bangor, Co Down, Northern Ireland

Kept me calm and peaceful despite the daily difficulties.

"I was moving with my family and 4 cats to a new country and we were facing a lot of hurdles and challenges in the process. That's when I got a chance to enroll in Hayatti's program. I must say that being in this program kept me calm and peaceful even through the difficulties we were facing on a daily basis.

I truly believe that no matter what the external environment is like, as long as we can maintain our inner balance we will be free from stress and maintain peace within. And this energy radiates to everyone around you as well. So my family was equally calm and stress-free (including my cats!) even though they were not a part of the program.


This is what Hayatti's program did for me. I am very grateful for the subtle way it worked on me and my family."

~ Naila


You know deep in your heart that you are meant to positively impact the people around you and the world but you aren't sure where to begin

You are yearning to contribute your gift or skill but you haven't figured out how yet

You are done with being stuck where you are and you are ready for a massive internal shift

You crave personal development, you want improvement in the important areas of your life and you want to take this to the next level

You are independent and you love to have support as you go through the ups and downs in life

You are ready to step forward and let your soul lead you to your purpose

The Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose process is a fast pass to ditch being stuck for good and helps you fulfill your soul’s purpose that has you live every day in your life being inspired, motivated and at the same time making meaningful contributions to those around you and in the world


what included on pink.png

4 Live Group Transformation per month .............................................................. (Value $400)

2 Live Q&A Group Calls per month ...................................................................... (Value $400)

Email Support on a Monthly Basis ........................................................................ (Value $50)

4 Feedback for Improvement per month ............................................................. (Value $100)

Access to All Recordings 24/7 via PATREON ....................................................... (Value $325)

BONUS: 4 Energetic Pre-Clearing per month ...................................................... (Value $200)

BONUS: 1 Love & Peace Energy Transmission per month ......................... (Value $50)




How is this different?


It is not a course.

It is a done-for-you transformational energy clearing on a weekly basis.
You don’t have to know how to clear energetic blockages in your energetic system. All you have to do is be receptive to receive energy healing that is transmitted during the clearings.


It is not transformation without support.
It is not enrolled and then good bye.
As long as you are a member, you will be supported via the weekly energy clearings, the live Q&A calls, the monthly energy transmission and email as well as.


It is not transformation for the lazy *ss.
It is not a program where you are enrolled as a member, then you forget it and expect yourself to be transformed with no to little effort. You are the co-creator of your life. Therefore we honor you as such. You need to take ownership of your current life and for creating the future you want for yourself. When you do the work, you will stand out from the crowd and your effort will be rewarded.


It is not transformation that leaves you behind.
Even though there is inner work to do, you do it at your own pace. There is NO competition.

We won’t bark just because you are not ready to do them or you are taking a time off.

We understand some members want to work fast and some prefer to take their time. Whether your transformation is fast or slow, it is completely in your hands.

Imagine if...

You are so crystal clear of your soul's purpose. You are deeply inspired to follow your soul's calling because following through with it gives you the greatest joy and contentment within yourself. To not fulfill your soul's purpose is not an option for you.

Deep in your heart, you know that you are here not just for you but to make well, meaningful contributions to others as well. When you show up fulfilling your soul's purpose, you are showing those around you that if you can do it, they can do it too.

How many lives will be positively affected by you just because you are led by your soul?

How rich would your life and experience be because of it? That's the power of fulfilling your soul's purpose.

As you fulfill your soul's purpose, it is impossible to remain stagnant. After all, you are being led by a powerful force within you. You are being led to be the best version of yourself. Whether you are becoming calm, happy, joyful, confident, or compassionate, you are changing yourself with every awareness, and choice that you make. The more you share your joy, love, and happiness with others, the more joy, love and happiness you are adding to the world.

All of this and more is possible with Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose Program. A holistic approach to support you in fulfilling your soul's purpose all year round!

I stopped making mountains out of mole hills and I am now more open to the possibilities!

"What I have found during the clearing was a levelling out of my emotional response to the little things. I didn't realise I was 'making mountains out of mole hills'.


I also began to feel more lucky again. I know that sounds strange but it was feeling deep inside as if fortune had smiled on me. Externally though things hadn't change, I sensed the possibilities. 


I felt the optimism of youth. I had a few lucky coincidences and it was like things that I have long wanted became possible. I didn't say yes to every opportunity that would have just worked against me but the most important I greeted with open arms.

I noticed others around me responding defensively. For instance, while I had no thoughts or emotional charge either way I would be greeted with "I didn't do it" or "it's not my fault". So really it freed me from the constant tug of war that occurs when others cannot pay attention to what they do. It wasn't about right or wrong it was about clarity and awareness.

Before Hayatti’s clearings family dynamics had led me to believe it was me causing agitation but by week 1 making mountains out of mole hills I calmed down. By week 4 I realised it was exactly opposite- I had been reacting with frustration to others' denial etc. This realisation has definitely changed my viewpoint and also decreased a whole range of emotions and pressure I was feeling. I can flow more with life, I am more centred and more open to possibilities and feel optimistic.

Thank you for my reality check and it has been enlightening"

~ Leanne Winner

Have we met yet?


Hi there, my name is Hayatti Rahgeni. I am the go-to girl for energy clearing, emotional clearing and energy healing.

I embody my Higher Self, Yestred and he has been supporting me in my everyday life as well as when I go through challenges in life. I have experienced a lot of ease since my Higher Self has been with me.

But it wasn’t always like that:


When I first started to heal myself back in 2011, no matter how much I did energy healing on myself, I felt stuck and I wasn't moving forward in life. I was extremely unhappy and I felt useless because I knew I was meant for something greater but I didn't know how to get there.

It was soul-crushing but once I realized that my soul had been giving me nudges and tiny sparks of inspiration, I then chose to follow through, took aligned action, and my life was never the same.

In 2018, I decided to ascend which led me to embody my Higher Self. Being with my Higher Self is the best possible experience to have. I feel his unconditional love for me, for animals and for humanity.

Wherever you are in your journey, your soul has a purpose and it relies on you to fulfill it. This is where I come in. I have been there and I can guide you. I look forward to assist you to fulfill your soul's purpose.

Much Love,



How soon can I start?
You can start right away. Whenever you start is the right time for you.

When does the membership start?
November 2022.

If I join the membership when will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged on the day you sign up and then on the 1st of each month.

Is there any live support?
Yes! As a member you have access to live Q&A calls twice a month as well as by email. There is an option to upgrade your membership to include monthly private coaching.

What am I getting once I enrolled?
Weekly group transformation, weekly feedback for improvement, bi-monthly live Q&A calls, monthly love and peace transmission, access to past recordings, email support and the option to upgrade your membership to include either a monthly remote energy clearing or private coaching.

What upgrades are available?
There are two upgrades.
Upgrade A is inclusive of 1 remote energy clearing per month. This upgrade is limited to 10 members.
Upgrade B is inclusive of 1 private one-on-one coaching per month. This upgrade is limited to 5 members.

When is the Weekly Group Transformation?

Monday 10 am BNT/ 1 pm AEDT/ 3 pm NZDT | Sunday 7 pm PDT/ 10 pm EDT

I’ve never experienced energy clearings before. Will this work for me?
Yes! There are two things for you to do during energy clearings.

1) Let go of non-beneficial thoughts, emotions, stories and judgments, and

2) Be open to receive healing energy.

Do these 2 and you will feel the transformation from within.

Do I need to be sensitive to energy to benefit from energy clearings?
Absolutely not. Being sensitive to energy is not a requirement. If you are, then that is just a bonus for you. 
Please make sure you do the following:

1) Let go of non-beneficial thoughts, emotions, stories and judgments, and

2) Be open to receive healing energy during the clearings.

What should I be doing during energy clearings?
We find that it’s best that you are in a quiet space where you can sit and relax or meditate for at least 30 minutes.

What if I am working or sleeping during energy clearings?
You can do one of the following.

1) set your intention to receive before or after the clearing or

2) set aside 30 minutes and set your intention to receive at a later time.

What is your refund policy?
No refund given. All sales are final.

What if this isn’t working for me?
You can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked.

How do I cancel membership?

Since the membership fee renews on the 1st of every month (San Francisco Time - PDT), cancel your membership before the 1st of the subsequent month.

Last question

How long are you going to wait to finally listen to your soul’s whispers and follow where it leads you?

Sure it might feel scary at times but if your heart sings a specific inspiration then it’s worth it to explore more and see if that’s the path that your soul has laid out for you.

The question is: are you putting yourself in a position where you can make huge differences in your own life, in the life of others and the world? Are you confident to admit to yourself that you are fulfilling your soul’s purpose?

Or are you going to continue living in lack of inspiration and motivation to create a life that you truly desire? A life of freedom, filled with joy, love and laughter and have the confidence to be your true self and be fully self-expressed?

As a member of Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose, we’ll assist you to accelerate your journey to fulfilling your soul’s purpose. The more we clear energetic blockages from your energetic system, the easier it is for you to hear your soul’s whispers, be excited to take action despite having fears and make a difference in the world.

Are you ready to get started and have your soul

lead you to fulfill your purpose?

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