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 Heal Your Chakras 

This is an energy clearing for the seven major chakras in our energetic system.

Chakras are whirling energy centers that control and energize the major and vital organs of the physical body.

They also affect one's psychological conditions.

The health of these chakras is affected by negative energy and energetic blockages.

Healthy chakras will result in positive mental and emotional states and a healthy physical body.

Unhealthy or malfunction chakras will result in unstable or prone to negative mental and emotional states and diseases manifest in the physical body.

Heal Your Chakras has two functions.

1. It clears negative energies from the chakras.

2. It clears energetic blockages from the chakras.

As our chakras are cleared from negative energies and energetic blockages, it becomes easier for us to embody positive qualities. Our mental and emotional states are balanced and our physical body becomes healthier.

This energy clearing is delivered remotely using distant healing method.

Psychological Functions

of each chakra

Crown Chakra is the energy center for higher guidance

Third Eye Chakra is the energy center for intuition, inner knowing and spiritual vision

Throat Chakra is the energy center for communication and self-expression

Heart Chakra is the energy center for love for self and others, forgiveness and compassion

Power Chakra is the energy center for self-esteem, ambition and will power

Sex Chakra is the energy center for relationships, sexuality and creativity

Root Chakra is the energy center for stability, grounding and survival

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 Healthy Chakra 

Crown Chakra

Spiritually connected. Feeling inspired. Have access to the utmost clarity and enlightened wisdom.

Third Eye Chakra

Able to access your intuition. Able to cut through illusions and access deeper truths.

Throat Chakra

Able to express yourself authentically.

You understand your needs and desires and able to communicate them.

Heart Chakra

Full of love, forgiveness, empathy, and compassion. Being altruistic and respects others.

Power Chakra

Fuels your intentionality, your direction in life, and the actions you are to take in order to reach your goals. Able to be assertive. Have a strong sense of your own power and how to use it in healthy ways. 

Sex Chakra

Present in your body, sensual, creative, connected to your feeling. Emotionally stable. Ideas of passion and intimacy are seen as pleasurable and natural.

Root Chakra

Feel safe and secure in the world. Feel grounded and centered. Strong survival instinct. Satisfied with life and career. Have overall sense of well-being.

 Unhealthy Chakra 

Crown Chakra

Spiritually disconnected. Feeling lost in life without purpose. Unable to step into creatorship.

Third Eye Chakra

Difficulty accessing your intuition and trusting your inner voice. Can cause delusions and disconnections with reality.

Throat Chakra

Have trouble to speak up. Excessive talking, arrogance, dishonesty, gossiping, poor listening, timidity, fearful, and manipulative behavior.

Heart Chakra

Trouble giving and receiving love. Often trouble with receiving Divine Love and love from self. Emotionally unavailable.

Power Chakra

"Stuck" - unable to pursue goals. Low self-esteem. Feel powerless or victimized. Misuse your power, impose your beliefs, manipulate others to meet your interests.

Sex Chakra

Intimacy issues. Sexual dysfunction, lack of sexual drive. Emotional instability, fear of change, depression, or addictions.

Root Chakra

Ungroundedness. A sense of misplacement. Can lead to self-destructive tendencies. Unable to manifest material abundance. Aggression, rage and violence.

 Chakras, Organs, Diseases 

Chakras are whirling energy centers that control and energize the major and vital organs of the physical body.

They act like "power stations" that supply life force energy to our organs.

When the power stations malfunction, the vital organs become sick and diseased because they don't have enough life force energy to operate optimally, leading to health ailments. 

Below is a list of each chakra, their corresponding organs, and diseases that they manifest when malfunction.

Crown Chakra

ORGANS: Brain and pineal gland

DISEASES: Related to the pineal gland and the brain

Third Eye Chakra

ORGANS: Pituitary gland, endocrine glands, eyes and nose

DISEASES: Cancer, allergy, asthma and diseases related to the endocrine glands

Throat Chakra

ORGANS: Throat, thyroid and parathyroid glands and lymphatic system

DISEASES: Throat related illness like goiter, sore throat, asthma, etc

Heart Chakra

ORGANS: Heart, thymus gland, lungs and the circulatory system

DISEASES: Heart, lungs and circulatory ailments

Power Chakra

ORGANS:  Diaphragm, pancreas, liver, stomach, and to a certain degree, the large and small intestines, lungs, heart, and other parts of the body

DISEASES: High cholesterol, diabetes, ulser, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, heart ailments and other diseases related to the organs

Sex Chakra

ORGANS: Sexual organs, bladder and legs

DISEASES: Sex-related problems and bladder ailments

Root Chakra

ORGANS: The muscular and skeletal systems, the spine, the production of blood, the adrenal glands, tissues of the body and the internal organs and the sexual organs

DISEASES: Arthritis, sexual ailments, back problems, blood ailments, cancer, leukemia, allergy, growth problem and psychological problems


 Heal Your Chakras 

Helps to heal physical organs and the whole body

Helps you become centered & balanced

Stimulates your mind to be more positive and self-assured

Increases your enthusiasm for life

Be comfortable with taking risks and embrace all of life's experiences

Enhances your creativity

Stimulates your ambition and drive

Increases your courage and confidence to move forward in life

Helps you to overcome negative emotions

Helps to relieve stress and anxiety

Improves your level of self esteem

Strengthens your will power

Enhances your emotional well being

Assists you to deal with emotional issues

Stimulates compassion

Helps you to release feelings of bitterness or anger

Aids your communication abilities

Inspires verbal expression

Encourages empathy

Encourages you to live your life with integrity and truth

Helps to heal sadness and grief

Helps to release build-up of depression energy

Helps to develop your intuition

Aids spiritual guidance

And More...

This is FOR YOU

If you need energetic support to cleanse your chakras from negative energies

If you need energetic support to clear your chakras from energetic blockages

If you want to enhance your overall well-being

If you desire healthy mental and emotional states


If clearing your chakras from negativity and blockages is not your priority

If your focus is not on healing yourself

If you don't particularly care for your mental and emotional health

Investment For

 Heal Your Chakras 

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Heal Your Chakras



1 Remote Clearing Session


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Heal Your Chakras



4 Remote Clearing Sessions


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