• Hayatti Rahgeni

A Powerful Reminder

I am aware of how difficult it is to look at someone who had done wrongdoing with love. And I am aware of how seemingly impossible it is to look at a horrible situation with love.

I had received upsetting news recently.

Despite I was warned to not judge and not to get angry, I did exactly that. I was being judgmental and I was extremely angry. My patience was certainly being tested at that time.

I was in an unhealthy mental state for two days.

I had trouble sleeping because my mind couldn't stop thinking about the news.

Eventually, I could no longer stand being judgmental and angry anymore. I was done hurting myself because of my judgments and my anger.

I decided to pray and ask God for guidance. I asked what do I do about this upsetting news.

To my surprise, I received an answer moments later.

"Look at it with love".

My initial reaction to that answer was disbelief. When I questioned it, I received the same answer.

I decided to try it out.

I recalled the time when I was informed of the upsetting news and I looked at everyone involved and the situation with love.

I noticed right away that I was no longer in judgment and my anger died down. My head became clear and I was no longer caught up in the drama caused by the upsetting news. I felt instant relief and I was able to be at peace again.

"Look at it with love".

It helps me to detach from any judgments and negative emotions that accompanied the judgments.

It also helps me to be neutral rather than being emotional.

I'm also able to be present instead of feeling stuck and powerless.

I'm able to focus my energy on what I want to do and not focusing my mental and emotional energy on the drama.

Ultimately, it helps me free my energy from my own negativity.

That is the power of "Look at it with love".

I want to clarify what I understand by "Look at it with love".

"Look at it with love" doesn't mean you condone what the person did or the situation.

It doesn't mean you agree with what the person did or the situation.

It doesn't mean you turn a blind eye to what the person did or the situation.

It doesn't mean you protect those who had done wrongdoings because you love them.

It doesn't mean you give a free pass to whoever had done wrongdoings.

It doesn't mean you are right and they are wrong.

"Look at it with love" is for us to acknowledge everyone's choices, actions and consequences no matter how ugly they are without judgments.

It is for us to honor everyone's free will and the lessons that they need to learn.

It is for us to accept that what's done is done and it wouldn't have happened any other way.

It is for us to surrender (a person, people or situation) to God's divine plan.

It is truly for our peace of mind.

Like I had shared earlier, I am aware of how difficult it is to look at someone who had done wrongdoings or a horrible situation with love.

It's difficult because of our judgments. It's so easy for us to judge whether we do this consciously or unconsciously.

It's difficult because we are super attached to our judgments.

It's difficult because we are addicted to having drama in our lives.

It's difficult because we want to be right all the time and others are wrong.

It's difficult because it's easier to blame others than taking personal responsibility.

When we are able to "look at it with love", we detach from judgments and able to see everyone involved and the situation from a neutral point of view.

There is no one to blame.

We see with clarity the choices that were made, actions that were taken and the resulting consequences.

Hence, we become the observer.

And we observe without any judgments and we observe from a space of neutrality.

"Look at it with love" is a powerful reminder not only for me but for all of us who wish to detach from judgments.

Practice "Look at it with love" in your daily life and you will see a remarkable difference in your mental and emotional states.

Peace & Love,

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