• Hayatti Rahgeni

Heal, Empower and Transform Yourself

For years I have been wanting to have a tribe of my own.

The one time that I did many years ago, didn't work out for me. In just a few months, I started to feel depleted and burnt out. In the end, I chose to end it.

Last week during my morning meditation, I was guided to offer support for certain groups of people. To be honest, I was surprised by it. It also got me to think about how can I continuously support these groups without getting myself burnt out. That was when the idea of having a tribe popped into my head. I realize that having a tribe could provide the support that I need.

Because of my past experience with my first tribe, naturally, I sought consultation on how I can do this successfully this time around.

I also realized that I am not the same person as I was before when I had my first tribe. I have grown a lot and I am also a lot wiser now. I saw my mistakes and the reasons why I was depleted and burnt out. I learned from them, did my research and planned how am I going to make it work.

After a few days of working on this, I am happy to share that I am starting one. I am excited to connect with the people who resonate with my message and with what I do.

The idea of having a tribe where we support each other appeals to me. Therefore, I have listed below a few benefits of being in my tribe.

  • Receive early access to new content such as energy-infused clearing audios, how-to videos before I publish them,

  • Meet me live via Zoom for group energy clearing once or twice a month,

  • Daily energetic clearing,

  • Private one-on-one clearing session with me at a discounted rate,

  • And more.

Being in this tribe would greatly benefit those who want to Heal, Empower and Transform themselves.

If however, you just want to provide monthly donation support, you are welcome too.

Check out the full benefits here.

I look forward to see you in the tribe!

Peace & Love,