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My Higher Self sets a New Direction for us

Having passed the 6th initiation means I have a direct connection to my Higher Self.

I got the clarity of how I can support spiritual seekers to heal, empower and transform themselves.

This also means letting go of the old ways of thinking.

I realized that I have a bigger role to play in assisting humanity.

The old ways of thinking are no longer congruent with me.

There is nothing wrong with it. It's just doesn't provide sustainability for me anymore.

I will be moving away from providing private sessions or at least reducing private sessions starting January 2022.

Instead of focusing on one-on-one transformation, the new goal is now to provide ongoing support and transformation for a larger group on a long-term basis.

This also means changing and restructuring the way I provide my current services. I am foreseeing fewer services and also combining a few services into one.

Prioritizing transformation for a larger group is where we, my Higher Self and I, are heading into now.

If having ongoing support and transformation via energy clearings appeals to you, visit my Patreon page and sign up to be a member. Details of what you'll be getting is listed on the page.

If you have visited my Patreon page before, you might want to visit it again and see if it is for you.

I have made changes to reflect this new exciting adventure that we are on. The link is here.

Peace & Love,


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