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Do you find that you are in need of a friendly ear from time to time?

However, you cannot rely on your family nor your friends to be the listening ear. Every time you shared your upsets, often they don't listen to you. Instead, they keep on giving you advice for you to deal with your upsets or they place a “silver-lining” over your situation.

You know that you are not seeking for advice. You also know that you are not looking for solutions. You just want to vent your anger, upsets, and frustrations.


And you feel that you are not being heard. You feel you can't let everything out when people start to inject their own personal stories of how they deal with situations somewhat similar to yours.

In the end, you feel even more dissatisfied. You may feel resentful because you don't feel heard by the people that you love.

Imagine having someone who provides the space for you to vent all your upsets without any judgment and interruptions.​


Someone who is willing to just listen and able to put herself in your shoes.

Imagine what it would feel like to have the space to vent openly and safely and this space is available for you when you need it.


You won't be relying so much on your family and friends to lend their ears. You would stop treating your family and friends as a "dumping ground". Your relationships with them become so much healthier and free from toxic emotional energies.

The best part is you now feel heard. You also feel lighter since you get everything off your chest. You feel relieved because you are not keeping your thoughts and emotions bottled up anymore.

THE Vent SPACE is a safe space.


It is also a space that is free of judgments.

This space is created to support you by providing a set of listening ears and a non-judgmental space for you to freely express your thoughts and emotions.

Benefits of THE Vent SPACE

VENT SAFELY. Feel free to share your feelings openly. There is no judgment on our part. What you have shared during the session remains confidential.

VENT WITHOUT FEAR. Unload everything that bothers you, your upsets and frustrations without tip-toeing, and worrying about hurting anyone's feelings.

BE HEARD. Whatever that you need to get off your chest, rest assured that we are present and we listen to you.

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT. We honor you and your emotions. Whatever that wants to come through during the session, we are there for you.

ALLEVIATE TENSION. Express your negative emotions so you can release them rather than keeping them bottled up inside.

REDUCED EMOTIONAL INTENSITY. So that you are able to think clearly and also think rationally.


A safe and non-judgemental space for you to vent

A space for you to feel heard

A space for you to release your emotional charges


A space for you to ask for advice or counseling

A space for you to have or seek two-way conversation

An energy healing session

THE Vent SPACE includes

A Live One-on-One Session

A live thirty-minute zoom session for you to vent

A Safe, Non-Judgemental Space

A space where you can feel safe to share anything without any judgments

Privacy and Confidentiality

What you have shared in this space remains private and confidential

Active Listening

Someone who is fully present to hear you

Emotional Support

Someone who can empathize and connect with you emotionally


Those who just want to vent without having the fear of being judged


Those who want to reduce their emotional intensity

Those who don't have someone that they trust to confide in

Those who tend to bottle up their emotions because they don't feel safe to express them


Those who are looking for a bashing party

Those who seek advice, counsel, guidance for their upsets or issues

Those who want to be coached to resolve their situation


Those who seek energy healing or clearing

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A 30-minute live Zoom session

A safe & non-judgmental space

Privacy & confidentiality

Active listening

Emotional support


SGD 50