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Healing for Strays Apr 9 - Apr 15

Here is an update on the healing and energetic support we have done for the past week.

Healing for:

  • Injured strays

  • Rescued strays

  • Homeless strays

  • Strays that are neglected

  • Pets that were abandoned

  • Strays that are in critical conditions

  • Strays that need healing

  • Strays that are parvo positive

  • Strays that are physically weak

  • Animals that are going to be euthanized

  • Strays with mild to severe skin conditions

  • Strays that have no access to food and water

  • Strays that experience abuse and cruelty from humans

Energetic Support for:

  • Animals with cancer

  • Feeders of stray animals

  • NGOs that help stray animals

In one of the healing sessions, I felt the clearing of the throat and crown chakras. I saw a yellow light filled my senses. That was AM Kuthumi. He was saying to these strays that they are not alone and he is with them.

In one of the energetic support sessions, I saw a worker walking within their workplace. The worker smelled something foul and she was searching for it. When she saw what she saw, she quickly looked away as if she couldn't bear to look at it. Then I felt the clearing of the heart chakra. I felt healing energy came in and repaired the throat chakra. I felt their voice was strengthened so they could share what unspeakable and horrific things they have witnessed done to stray animals.

Daily energy healing for stray animals is a labor of love that Yestred and I have started since October 2022. I saw how we can contribute to the well-being of strays. Energy healing can help hasten their recovery, reveal their personality, release their pain and alleviate their suffering. I believe that strays deserve better. Each one deserves our love, kindness and compassion. That is the least that we can do.

I invite you to support Healing for Stray Animals.

For more feedback on each healing and energetic session, subscribe and be a patron. The link is here.

Much Love,


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