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The heart is the source of our love, empathy, forgiveness and compassion.


When the heart is emotionally wounded from a distressing or traumatic experience, it often leaves a deep and lasting emotional pain or distress that affects our ability to love, to empathize, to forgive and to have compassion.

Experiences such as

  • Abuse, whether physical, emotional or sexual in nature, can lead to profound emotional wounds that impact a person's self-esteem, trust, and overall well-being.

  • Loss and Grief, the death of a loved one, the end of a significant relationship or other forms of loss, big or small, can cause emotional wounds, leading to feelings of sadness, emptiness, and sorrow.

  • Neglect, emotional neglect during childhood or adulthood can result in emotional wounds, often related to feelings of abandonment, low self-worth, and emotional detachment.

  • Trauma, exposure to traumatic events, such as accidents, violence, or natural disasters, can cause emotional wounds that manifest as symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other trauma-related conditions.

  • Rejection, repeated experiences of rejection, exclusion, or social isolation can lead to emotional wounds related to self-esteem, belonging, and social anxiety.

  • Shame and Guilt, experiences that evoke shame or guilt, especially when tied to one's actions or decisions, can create emotional wounds that affect self-identity and self-worth.

  • Broken Trust, experiences where trust is broken, whether through infidelity, dishonesty, or breach of confidentiality, can result in emotional wounds centered around trust and betrayal.

  • Bullying and Harassment, prolonged exposure to bullying or harassment can cause emotional wounds related to self-esteem, self-image, and feelings of powerlessness.

Emotional wounds that are resulted from any of the experiences above, when they are not healed or addressed will leave a long-lasting impact on an individual's mental, emotional and social well-being. The longer these wounds are left unhealed, they will eventually "harden" the heart.


The common consequences are


  • Struggle to express their emotions, even when they want to. Making it challenging to communicate their needs or connect with others on an emotional level.

  • Limited emotional range where individuals predominantly experience emotions such as anger, frustration, or indifference, while suppressing or avoiding more vulnerable feelings like sadness, fear, or love.

  • Difficult to be their authentic self, as they tend suppress what they genuinely feel or numb any uncomfortable feelings.

  • Diminished empathy because they become less attuned to the needs and feelings of those around them.

  • Reduced resilience as they are unable to process and adapt to challenging or painful emotions in the face of life's difficulties.

  • Social withdrawal and isolation, which can strain relationships and lead to feelings of loneliness and disconnection.

  • Affects intimate relationships, as it can create barriers to emotional intimacy and vulnerability. Partners may feel shut out or frustrated by the emotional distance.

  • Impact on mental health including depression, anxiety, or even personality disorders, as individuals may struggle to cope with their suppressed emotions.

  • Increased stress due to the constant effort of suppression of emotions and maintain emotional control can lead to chronic stress and tension. This may have physical manifestations like muscle tension, headaches, or other stress-related health issues.

  • Turning to negative coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse or self-destructive behaviors, as a way to deal with their emotional pain.

Heal Your Heart focuses on healing emotional wounds that were caused by distressing or traumatic experiences. The goal is to awaken the heart so one can access genuine deep love toward themselves and other people, able to empathize easily, able to let go and forgive with ease and have compassion for both humans and animals in need. This will also open the heart to both giving and receiving love and affection, experience a greater sense of inner harmony and balance, which can positively affect all areas of life and an increased sense of spiritual connectedness, feeling a sense of unity with others and the universe.


This package consists of a total of 4 sessions per month.


Each session is 30 minutes. We will meet LIVE via zoom once a week.

HEAL Your Heart can be repeated on a monthly basis.


The Benefits of HEAL Your Heart are:

  • Increase Love and Compassion. A greater capacity to love, both oneself and others which can lead to more profound feelings of love, empathy, and compassion toward all living beings.

  • Self-Love and Self-Acceptance. This can boost self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence, leading to a more positive self-image.

  • Increase Empathy. An increased capacity for empathy which allows individuals to better understand and support others in their struggles and suffering.

  • Emotional Stability and Harmony. It can help individuals process and release negative emotions while fostering a greater sense of emotional well-being.

  • Aid Forgiveness. Both for oneself and others. It can help individuals release past grudges and emotional wounds, leading to emotional healing and inner peace.

  • Enhance Self-Authenticity. Willing to be vulnerable and emotionally available.

  • Experience a Balanced Range of Emotions and able to process and express their feelings in healthy ways.

  • Healthier and more Harmonious Relationships. It can lead to better communication, empathy, and deeper connections with others.

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety. It encourages a sense of trust in the universe and a release of worry and fear.

  • Enhance Spiritual Growth. Deepen one's connection to a higher power and the interconnectedness of all beings.

  • And more


Hayatti has been learning and practicing energy healing since 2011.


The healing work that she does has enhanced her intuitive ability and enables her to clear energetic blockages that are stuck in the chakras and the energy body.


She also specializes in accessing and releasing deep emotional pains that have been suppressed recently or for many years.

Having passed the 4th initiation in her ascension journey, Hayatti has attained a state of unconditional love.


She also has passed the 5th initiation which means she has no karma left and she has left the cycle of rebirth. All of her chakras are perfected which enables her to facilitate her sessions at a higher vibration.


Hayatti is currently at the 7th initiation in her Ascension journey and have passed the 6th initiation in 2021.


"I have struggled with lack of self-love/worth all my life.  I also have extremely sore shoulder almost as long. Recently I noted it was fear which triggered this pain.


When I had my clearing my shoulder and arm felt very uncomfortable which drew my attention to my sacral chakra with much feelings of discomfort and anxiety. The energy moved to solar plexus area with shifting, moving and releasing "stuck" blocks in both chakras moving up to my heart, clearing the blocks there as well until I found myself smiling.        
All emotions, memories are now all hard to remember as before which means release. My path now will be easier.


I would recommend this clearing from Hayatti, so peaceful, gentle and easy.
Thank you Hayatti. Namaste."



HEAL Your Heart is FOR:

  • Those who have experienced traumatic events, such as physical or sexual abuse, accidents, combat, or natural disasters

  • Those who have been emotionally, physically, or psychologically abused in relationships or within their families

  • Those who have experienced the loss of a loved one through death, divorce, or the end of a significant relationship

  • Childhood experiences of neglect, abandonment, bullying, or dysfunctional family dynamics

  • Those who have survived violence, including domestic violence or assault

  • Those with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Those who have prolonged exposure to chronic stress

  • Those with low self-esteem or self-worth

  • Those facing difficulties in their relationships, whether due to communication issues, unresolved conflicts, or emotional baggage

  • Those who struggle with chronic anger, resentment or hostility

  • Those on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth


HEAL Your Heart is NOT for:

  • Those who are unwilling, resistant or not motivated to heal themselves

  • Those who are actively denying or avoiding acknowledging their pain

  • Those who refuse to accept healing

  • Those who struggle with a lack of self-awareness or insight

  • Those with unrealistic expectations of rapid and complete healing. Healing is not a quick-fix solution

  • Those who rely solely on self-help resources which may not be sufficient for deep-seated wounds

  • Those with unaddressed mental health issues such as severe depression, anxiety disorders, or psychosis. In such cases, professional mental health treatment is essential.

  • Those who are currently struggling with active addiction. In this case, addressing the addiction and achieving sobriety should be prioritized first

  • Those who are unwilling to do the work for their own personal growth

  • Those who lack commitment and are unwilling to invest in their own well-being

After I had the clearing, I feel a huge light space within my belly – which goes from beneath my ribs to below my naval and feels absolutely wonderful/joyful. I also feel a lot closer to ‘me’.  With space – one can create. There is a big orb of light around my heart space, which feels loving, safe and comforting.  I feel my presence expanded. The throat clearing is interesting, as the heart now feels connected to the throat. I feel I have a stronger connection to myself, can stand tall and hold my own space.

I am now full of my own vibration of emotional energy, rather than the vibrations of others.  My thoughts are clearer. Spiritually, I feel ready to turn to a direction of my choosing and forge ahead.  I have a sense of my own sovereignty.

 I can recommend Hayatti Rahgeni to bring you more fully into your true heart light centred self and being.  Increasing self-love at a pivot-point of change in my life is allowing me to fully trust, support and believe in myself to discover my way forward. Nurture your true self, by allowing Hayatti to nourish your true essence with love and light. 💜💜💜"



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Weekly Sessions

4 LIVE one-on-one Sessions

Sessions are via Zoom

1 session per week


BND 600

"I go through the motions in relationships, but feeling distant and detached from others. I often feel emotionally numb and seeking extreme encounters to feel something. I would like to have more loving and kind thoughts about myself, but I unable to sense the path forward.

The next day after I had the clearing, I was inspired to get up early to stretch and do yoga to take care of my physical body. I felt lighter in my chest and back. Images of people I have had "thorny" relationships with came to mind, which I was able to quickly forgive and release.

My anger has subsided, and I feel less “fussy.” It used to feel like I would have to be careful of what I got close to - ideas, conversations, certain people - because I knew the risks involved were the pain of misunderstanding and frustration and subsequent anger about having to go through this pain again.

Now I feel more at ease in my body and environment. I'm not afraid of who or what gets close to me. I can breathe lighter and not worry as much or analyze potential disaster scenarios. I feel safe.

Self-love can sound like an interesting concept or a good idea. The concept was lukewarm to me because I thought I already had it. But in reality, I treated self-love like something in a bottle on a shelf that I might decide to dab on myself from time to time. I didn't recognize how numb and distant I have been.

What a relief to feel closer to my Self. Thank you!"


Frequently Ask Questions

How do I schedule a session?

After you register, you will receive another email to book your session.

Kindly give us 24 hours to send the said email.

How do I know if this is for me?

If you are unsure, we recommend you experience the remote clearing first before investing in this package.

That way you can have a feel if this work is for you or not.

Who is this package intended for?

It is for those who want to heal their heart and have a lot of emotional pain stemmed from their past  (childhood to adulthood).

What time zone is Hayatti in?

Hayatti is in Brunei Darussalam. 

The time zone is BNT or GMT/UTC +8.

What is your cancellation policy?

No cancellation.

Your session proceeds as scheduled.

If no show, your session will be converted to remote clearing.

What are the available slots?

We are available on the following:
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Time: 9 am - 12 pm and 2 pm - 4 pm
Timezone: BNT or GMT +8

Is a one-month package enough?

It depends where you are in your journey. If you just need a tiny pull in the right direction, then one month package may be enough. If otherwise, then consider 3 to 6 months.

Do you have another package?

Yes. The other package is Custom Clearing.
You choose what you want to work on in each session.

Ideally, it's best to focus on a specific issue per session/package.

What is your refund policy?

There is no refund given.

All sales are final.

Hayatti Rahgeni's products and services and their transformational effects are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical disease or condition. Hayatti Rahgeni is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or any health care professional. Products and Services offered may serve as a complement and supportive approach to mental and emotional wellbeing and enhancement. Clients of Hayatti Rahgeni take full responsibility for their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual experiences. Those under medical supervision are encouraged to consult their physician before attending any sessions or events and to bring a medical release form with them in such instances. Persons under 18 years of age need full permission from their parents or guardians to participate in any healing offered in this website.

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