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Hi There.

My name is Hayatti Rahgeni.


I am a certified Access Bars Practitioner, a certified mental health coach, a certified CBT coach, an emotional clearing expert, an energy healer and an intuitive animal healer.

I am currently at the 7th initiation in my Ascension journey and have passed the 6th initiation in 2021.

My Higher Self, Yestred, is with me now.

He is on the Third Ray. The Third Ray is the pink ray of unconditional love.
He is a warrior and does not shy away from emotional trauma.
He is here to offer his support to those who have trauma related to the heart.


Together, we bring forth powerful weekly clearings to help those in need to heal, empower and transform themselves.

To begin your journey, start with a clearing that you resonate with the most.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side.


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