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Our Reality is Our Creation

In late December 2020, I became aware of a belief that I had.

That belief was that I had to struggle to do certain things or achieve certain goals in my life.

A very good example of mine is writing.

I had a belief that I had to struggle to write something.

Therefore, I felt the struggle every time I thought of writing. It didn't matter whether it was for a blog post or an Instagram or a Facebook post.

I found that trying to write while struggling to do it will result in even more struggle, frustration and discouragement.

I couldn't think clearly, I struggled to transfer my thoughts on Word and more often than not I felt stuck. Because of these experiences, I felt that my belief was valid.

Every time I thought of writing, I instantly felt the struggle and I felt like I had to go through big obstacles to write and get it done.

However, I have had a few instances where I was able to write effortlessly. I didn't feel the struggle at all while I was writing. My experience of this was it felt easy, words were flowing and I was able to get it done in one sitting.

These wonderful experiences contradict my belief that I had to struggle to write.

I finally realized something very important.

The more I think of doing something is a struggle, I am reaffirming to myself that it is a struggle and therefore, my future experiences reflect exactly that.

The more I focus on "I struggle to write", essentially, what am I doing is I am reinforcing my existing belief that I struggle to write and therefore I experience more of the said struggle.

From that day onwards, I chose to let go of any form of struggle.

I told myself that I was done struggling.

I had been struggling all my life and it didn't get me anywhere. I felt very much like running in a hamster wheel.

The more I struggled, the more I experienced struggle in my life. That was madness.

I made my choice and I chose ease over struggle.

The moment I gave up struggling, a new world of possibilities opened up for me.

I felt so free, joyful and I was able to relax instantly.

I realized that I can accomplish what I want to do way better when I am in a relaxed state than when I am struggling.

I felt very much like living in a different world.

A world that was full of joy, ease and expansion.

I finally understood that our reality is our creation.

We create our experiences through our beliefs, choices and actions.

How we create our reality first and foremost starts with our beliefs.

For three decades of my life, I had been living in a world of struggle. Struggling to make ends meet, struggling to put food on the table, struggling to be happy, struggling to be at peace, struggling to lose weight, so on and so forth.

For 30 years of my life, all that I knew and familiar with was that I had to struggle.

I didn't even question it. I honestly thought that struggle was the way of life. Therefore, I took it on and believed it to be true.

And guess what?

My reality was full of all sorts of struggle. I was unhappy, life was hard and I didn't see the point of life.

I decided I had enough and I didn't want to live in this reality anymore.

Changing the current reality requires two things.

First, let go of the belief that created the current reality AND,

Second, choose a new belief to support a new reality.

I gave up the belief that I had to struggle and all that I wanted was a life of ease.

When I chose to give up struggling, I honestly didn't know what was in store for me.

I didn't know that I would encounter a new, unfamiliar and yet exciting world.

I didn't even know that this new world existed at all because I was so used to a world of lack and so much struggle.

And yet, I experienced this new world and I was in awe of it.

I felt the joy, I felt like I could finally relax my body, my breath, and everything within me and just be present in the moment. I felt the expansion that I never experience before. And I felt how unbelievably easy life was.

That was when I saw for the first time ever that struggle is an illusion.

From that day onward, I unsubscribed to the idea that I had to struggle to do something or to achieve my goals.

The way I experience life changed drastically afterward.

I feel so much more at ease with life, I feel expanded and wonderfully supported by the Divine, I am owning more of my power and I could feel how effortless life is. I also experience significantly less struggle than before.

I now find that it is easier for me to write. I love that writing is no longer such a painful ordeal for me. I have been writing consistently for the past few months now. Whenever I feel lost in my writing, I somehow manage to get back on track rather quickly and skip days of writer's block.

To ensure that I locked in this new reality, I make sure that my actions reflect my new belief and choice.

Whenever I feel the struggle however slightly, I let it go right away.

I find that every time I let go of struggle, my inner world expands. This expansion is like a reminder for me to not get stuck with any thoughts on struggling.

I make sure that I don't focus my energy on any struggle.

I have learned that what we focus on, grows. Regardless of what we focus on, positive or negative, we will experience more of what we focus on. Therefore it is best to put our attention to having the kind of experience that we want more of.

I also make sure that I don't relive my past experience of struggle.

I admit that I have caught myself reliving my past struggle multiple times. I don't berate myself over it. I understand that slipping into an old habit can happen. What matters the most is that I stop reliving my past the moment I become aware.

I remind myself to constantly choose a life of ease.

Choosing is a process.

While choosing once can instantly alter our perception and our experience of our reality, it's the consistently choosing to have a new, favorable reality to be the new normal where transformation lies.

I remember vividly when I first started to choose inner peace a decade ago. Despite the inner turmoil that I experienced, I chose inner peace every single day for months. Years later, being at peace became my default state.

The same process is to be applied here. I choose to live a life of ease every day, every waking hour, for months and years to come.

I don't deny the were times where I forgot to choose it but the moment I remember, I will choose it again.

I wouldn't be able to experience this new world of joy and ease if I didn't give up my belief that I had to struggle.

I get to experience this new reality because I chose a life of ease over struggle.

And I continue to experience a world full of joy and ease because my belief, my choice and actions are congruent with having this new reality.

How we live in the world and experience our reality is a reflection of our beliefs.

Our beliefs create our reality.

If we believe that there's not enough money, then that is what we experience.

If we believe in abundance, then that is what we experience.

If we believe that there's only pain and sorrow in the world, then that is what we experience and vice-versa.

We create our reality.

We create our experience.

And therefore, the power to change our reality is in our hands.

It is up to us whether or not, we use it to transform our lives.

If only we are aware that so much of our experience of our reality is created by old, non-beneficial beliefs, then we would get up and do the work to change our beliefs, make new choices and take congruent actions so we can have and experience a new, desired reality.

Peace & Love,


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