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Live & Remote Energy Clearing

What do I do during the live or the remote energy clearing?

• You can just relax during the session.
• Or you can meditate in receptive position, palms are open facing upwards.
• Or if you are busy at work or sleeping due to the night time zone, just set the intention that you are receiving the healing energy during the session.


What are the differences between the live and remote energy clearing?

Live sessions:

The client books a suitable date & time for the session.

Both Hayatti and the client have to be present at the same during the session.

Remote energy clearing:

Hayatti chooses the date & time for the session.

The client will be informed in advance of the session.

The client does not have to be present at the time of the session.

How can I best benefit from this program?

Have the willingness (1) to let go and (2) to receive the healing energy.

Set your intention to receive the healing energy either during the live or /remote distant session.

When is Hayatti available for live sessions?

Click this link to check the available sessions.

How do I book the live Zoom session with Hayatti?

Once you are registered, check your inbox for the confirmation email.

Use the Registration ID (in the confirmation email) to book the live Zoom session.

How do I know that my live Zoom session is confirmed?

You will receive a separate email title "Live Zoom Session Confirmed".



What is the purpose of the discovery session?

The purpose is to evaluate if the prospect is the right fit to work with Hayatti and vice-versa.

How long is the discovery session?

Each discovery session is 30 minutes long.

How do I schedule a discovery session?

Fill in the request here.

Heal Your Chakras

What will happen after I register for Heal Your Chakras?

Please wait for up to 24 hours for Hayatti to activate this healing. Once Hayatti activates the healing, you will receive another email informing you that the healing has been activated.



Is it enough to heal my chakras just one time?

It is highly unlikely to heal your chakras in just one session.

How often can I heal my chakras?

As often as you see fit. Once a week is highly recommended.

Can I do it once or twice in a month?

Yes, you can.

Other FAQs

What Timezone is Hayatti in?

Hayatti is in BNT or GMT/UTC +8. Click this link for a timezone converter.

What is your refund policy?

There is no refund given. All sales are final.

What is your cancellation policy?

No cancellation policy. If you fail to show up for the live healing session, your session will be converted to remote energy clearing.

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