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"I always felt a feeling of peace after the sessions and physically I felt that something in my body shifted to make room for good things yet to come.

It's only been a few days since the last session but I was able to anchor that feeling into my body and access it easily whenever I needed it.

Another benefit was being able to sleep very deeply after the sessions.

Overall I feel that it was just an amazing experience.


I had never done healing in this way before and I recommend it to anyone who's stuck in their emotions and it's hard to get past them or if they're experiencing mental clutter. I feel that either way the session will help you. Try it out!"

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"I have been able to stay in a positive vibration which is one of the focal points to one of our energy sessions. I've also been more in receiving energy which historically was a struggle for me. That right there is a beautiful breakthrough to feel into.

Hayatti is a true healer and I could feel that energetically. She is gentle and soft spoken which makes the entry way into the session very comforting and yet powerful at the same time.


I felt such compassion come through our sessions and that she is truly here to share her gifts with the world for further healing of everyone she touches."




"Since my sessions, I feel more courageous, a quality that before I felt had left me. I know there are no easy solutions to the problems that life often presents, but I know I can face them and walk through life with grace, an open heart and a present mind. The difference I feel in my being is remarkable. I no longer feel the need to sleep or hide or through my day.

The sessions gave me a chance to reconnect with my self, to hear and feel what is really happening inside and to follow the universal wisdom that I believe we all carry inside us.

I found Hayatti to be wonderful, professional, full of love and joy. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to have worked with her.”



"Hayatti has such a serene energy and holds a beautiful sacred space for healing.


I went into each session with an intention to balance and open a specific chakra and I felt completely transformed after every 30 minute session.


My mind was clearer, I felt a blissful sense of inner and outer peace and the quality of my sleep even improved.


I would certainly recommend working with Hayatti, even if you are feeling well and just want to enhance your sense of calm, focus and wellbeing."

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