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Weekly Update: 9 - 15 July

Here is an update on the healing and energetic support we have done for the past week from July 9th - 15th.

Healing for:

  • Strays undergoing physiotherapy

  • Strays with eye infections

  • Malnourished strays

  • Animals in cages

  • Strays that have lesions

  • Strays that have open wounds

  • Strays that survive cancer

  • Strays that have one functioning eye only

  • Strays survive parvo

  • Strays waiting to be adopted

  • Unneutered/unspayed strays

  • Strays that have mild to severe skin conditions

  • Three-legged strays

  • Paralyzed strays

  • Senior strays

  • Strays with weak hind legs

  • Baby strays without their mothers

  • Strays that are sick

  • Homeless strays

  • Strays that have heartworm

Energetic Support for:

  • Animal rescuers

  • Animals with cancer

  • Feeders of stray animals

  • NGOs that help stray animals

In one of the healing sessions, I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of despair and hopelessness that flooded out from their heart. We released these emotions and afterward, we encountered a huge block of solidified emotions. It was immovable. I felt I was stuck and couldn't even move my hands. I asked my Higher Self Yestred to assist. He was able to move the blockage inch by inch until all of it was completely cleared. More stubborn energetic blockages came up from the heart and were released. The heart felt lighter towards the end.

In one of the energetic support sessions, I felt there is a higher force that accompanies these animal rescuers. It was like a cloud that is high above them. I saw a beautiful deep pink colour, that was AM Mary Magdalene sending her ray energy to support these rescuers.

Daily energy healing for stray animals is a labor of love that Yestred and I have started since October 2022. I saw how we can contribute to the well-being of strays. Energy healing can help hasten their recovery, reveal their personality, release their pain and alleviate their suffering. I believe that strays deserve better. Each one deserves our love, kindness and compassion. That is the least that we can do.

I invite you to support Healing for Stray Animals.

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Much Love,


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