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Remote Energy Healing

 for pets and animals 

Image by Krista Mangulsone

It is no secret that animals have emotions and so do our pets.

Our pets are unconditionally loving creatures. Often in their attempt to heal us, they take on our pain whether it is a physical pain or emotional pain. If these pains aren't cleared, eventually they manifested as diseases in their body.

As a pet parent, it is beneficial for us to consistently clear our energetic field from emotional pain and negative emotions such as fear, anger, stress, depression and many more. That way it is less likely for our pet to absorb our pain into their energetic field.

In this energy session we will:

  • Clear any energetic blockages that come up

  • Clear any emotional blockages that are present

  • Clear physical pain (if any)

  • Send healing energy

Yestred, Hayatti's Higher Self will provide the clearing and energy healing. We will invite Ascended Master Kuthumi to join the session and send his healing energy as well.


Yestred is an Alpha and he is on the Third Ray of Unconditional Love. He embodies love and stands for unconditional love for self and others. He is a warrior and doesn't shy away from trauma and deep emotional pain. He works with those who have heart-related trauma and those who struggle with unconditional love.

The clearing and healing energy will be delivered remotely. Each session is 20 minutes.

This session can be repeated once a month, or once a week.

Reminder: This session is not to replace visits to the veterinarian. If the issue has already manifested in the physical body, please bring your pet to a vet.

These sessions can/may complement the treatment prescribed by your vet.

Kindly read the note under this page.


The Benefits are:

  • Accelerates recovery after surgery or injury

  • Increases energy level and overall well being

  • Energetic and lively pets

  • Happier and confident pets

  • Getting pets through depression or grief

  • Alleviate anxiety and stress

  • Eases symptoms

  • Relieves aches and pain

  • Heals trauma

  • And more

"Hayatti provided healing for my two cats Kash and Sammi. They each received healing for 6 sessions, twice a week for 3 weeks. 


I didn’t know what to expect at first since this was my first time working with an energy healer, but I was genuinely surprised by how specific and thorough the feedbacks were.

I could see massive difference with Sammi. He went missing for over a week and did the healing a few days after he was found. We knew he underwent massive stress and trauma and could see that he was still on survival mode with high anxiety. The transformation in him was fast where he was more relaxed and less anxious after the 3rd session. He was more open to cuddles (which he disliked even before he was missing) and is very energetic now.

Kash has always been an introverted cat. We knew he missed Sammi so much as they have never been apart from each other since they were born. Took a while for him to adjust and settle when Sammi came back. He’s now very open and playful. I notice he approaches us much more now for cuddles and loves being petted.


Overall I’m very happy with their transformation! Thank you so much!

I would definitely recommend Hayatti for your pet healing needs!"

- S


Hayatti has been learning and practicing energy healing since 2011.


Along her journey, she met Ascension healers, Verna and Weireti. They are the guardians of the Ascended Masters' portal in New Zealand. Hayatti then began her ascension in 2018. 

Two years later, she passed the 4th initiation, whereby she has attained a state of unconditional love.


She also has passed the 5th initiation which means she has no karma left and she has left the cycle of rebirth. All of her chakras are perfected which enables her to facilitate her sessions at a higher vibration.


Hayatti is currently at the 7th initiation in her Ascension journey and have passed the 6th initiation in 2021.


"I was privy to witness and share Hayatti's healing sessions on two of my partner's dogs. Acting as an intermediary, I shared further details about my partner's background, which corroborated Hayatti's intuitive findings, identifying heartbreak that pre-existed our relationship. I appreciate how pets can act as a human 'spokesperson', relaying information about the owner's unconscious as well as feeling states that may not be easily given voice to by the human owner. Hayatti is particularly gifted as an intuitive pet healer. Thank you for sharing this gift with our four-legged family members!"

- P, NZ

"I can’t thank you enough for the one on one healings for our pet! My family dog was in an emergency situation, on ventilation and in a medically induced coma at the vet ICU. Doctors were suggesting the dog be put down, but we didn’t feel comfortable with that advice. Instead we turned to prayer and we asked others for energetic assistance. Hayatti got to work supporting him immediately, and within two hours, the dog became stabilized and was able to be operated on. The dog had a successful surgery, is already back home, happy as can be, and healing at an almost unbelievable speed. A nightmare shifted into a dream come true, all in one week. I am a healer myself, and know and work with many powerful healers, but Hayatti in particular has very special gift with animal communication. Her higher self is on a mission, and that mission has made a direct impact in my family’s life. I am so grateful to be blessed by her gifts. Thank you Hayatti & Yestred."

- T, USA


This healing is for:

  • Rabbits

  • Kittens and Cats

  • Puppies and Dogs

  • Other pets not listed above

  • Pets that went through trauma such as loss, grief, abandonment, etc


This healing is not for:


Image by Krista Mangulsone


1 Session

Special Rate:

BND 75

Image by Krista Mangulsone


3 Sessions

(Once a week)

Special Rate:

BND 215

Image by Krista Mangulsone


6 Sessions

(Twice a week)

Special Rate:

BND 415

Frequently Ask Questions

How does this work?

As the pet parent, you need to give your consent prior to the energy healing session.

What should my pet do during the session?

Let them rest, or sleep.

You don't have to force your pet to be still. It is perfectly okay if your pet is walking around.

How do I know if my pet needs more sessions?

We will inform you if there are more blockages to clear and we will recommend more sessions for your pet.

What time zone is Hayatti in?

Hayatti is in Brunei Darussalam. 

The time zone is BNT or GMT/UTC +8.

Can I do a bank transfer?

Yes, bank transfer is available if you are in Brunei.

Please send us an email.

What is your refund policy?

There is no refund given.

All sales are final.

Why should I give my consent?

If you don't give us your consent then we can't send healing energy to your pet. We won't violate your free will if you don't want your pet to receive the healing energy.

Is one session enough?

It depends on the energetic state of your pet. If your pet is energetically healthy then one session may be enough. Otherwise, several sessions are recommended.

Can I purchase this for other people?

Kindly get their consent first. Once they give their consent then you can make your purchase.

Do you have monthly healing for pets?

Yes, please check here.

Do you have other modes of payment?

Payment can also be sent via MoneyGram.

Click here for more details.

What is your cancellation policy?

No cancellation.

The session proceeds as scheduled.

Hayatti Rahgeni's products and services and their transformational effects are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical disease or condition. Hayatti Rahgeni is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or any health care professional. Products and Services offered may serve as a complement and supportive approach to mental and emotional wellbeing and enhancement. Clients of Hayatti Rahgeni take full responsibility for their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual experiences. Those under medical supervision are encouraged to consult their physician before attending any sessions or events and to bring a medical release form with them in such instances. Persons under 18 years of age need full permission from their parents or guardians to participate in any healing offered in this website.

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